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ANAND CLASSES is the best coaching center for Police Force Exams.

Cryptographer is a professional who uses a variety of different methods to scramble the computerized information to protect its integrity. Cryptography is chiefly concerned with the application of scientific techniques and principles for coding and decoding personal and secretive information traveling from one point to another. A key (code) is used to unscramble the information so that it can be read again. 

With increasing use of technology in all walk of life be it banking system, education, or other services related to industry and security transferring  of information from one place to another has become a necessity and its security is must at any cost. This is the point where role and importance of a cryptographer is felt. He is the professional responsible for making this task a success. 

With the increase in the crime rate in the society and also advancement of the technology the role of cryptographer has increased a lot. The career of a cryptographer is interesting and challenging for those who love to have adventure in their life. Cryptography is used in technologically advanced applications, including areas such as the security of ATM cards, computer passwords, and electronic commerce, which all depend on cryptography.

Although career as a cryptographer has gained popularity in the recent past but it is not new as a profession. Career of a cryptographer is not only full of challenges and thrills but also required a great deal of hard work. One who is going to choose this as a career is certainly a challenger.

Profession of a cryptographer is full of responsibility and integrity as he is the person who can cut both way round. If he is a person of strong character he can prove very beneficial for the law to take right decisions but if he a person of loose character and filled with greed of money or power he can harm the society double then the benefit he can muster for it by shaking the hand with anti-social elements of the society. Usually they are supposed to be of high integrity and respected highly in the society for their work. Because of increase in the number of crimes every day requirement for properly trained cryptographer is increasing on every day

Eligibility to be a Cryptographer

For taking up cryptography as a profession one should have a master’s degree in mathematics or computers. A graduate degree in the relevant subjects is the primary requirement for doing a master’s degree in these subjects offered by virtually all the higher education institutes across the Country.

Eligibility to be a Cryptographer

1. Educational Qualification

A graduate degree in relevant subjects like mathematics and computers with at least first division is the primary requirement for doing a Master’s degree courses offered by certain institutes across the Country.


How to become a Cryptographer?

To become a cryptographer one has to follow the below given steps:

Step 1

For becoming a cryptographer one has to join Master degree course in computers or mathematics offered by various institution in the country. Most famed cryptographers have pursued advanced degrees, even earning doctorates. Not only does an advance degree give one added knowledge and experience, but it gives one more credibility with potential employers.

Step 2

After completing the course one can volunteer his services with charitable organizations which is the quickest way to gain work experience required the most in getting assignments with some organization of repute like FBI etc. Volunteering not only gives one the insight of the job, but it  also shows your potential employer that you were willing to work for no pay in order to gain what you needed so you could one day work for his company.

Step 3

After getting relevant qualifications and on job experience one can apply for opportunities in national and international organizations like the National Security Agency, the agency that does cryptography for the U.S. government, CBI, RAW and multinational banks, or any other agency or company that demands the secure transmission of secret information.

Cryptographer Salary

To start with cryptographer can expect between Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 a month if they have joined some detective agency. Which can increase with the time and experience whereas there is no limit for those who are operating by their own. They can charge anything from Rs.2,000 per case to Rs.1 lakh. This depends upon the sensitivity of the information required and the difficulty and time involved in getting that work done.