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ANAND CLASSES is the best coaching center for Indian Army Exams. Indian Army Soldier TDN (Tradesman) selection procedure followed by Indian Army has been detailed below.

Every year Indian Army recruits thousands of young boys as Soldier TDN (Tradesmen). Indian Army conducts Soldier Tdn recruitment through open rallies. Open rallies are organized by Zonal/Army Recruiting Office (ZRO/ARO/IRO) and UHQ quota. AROs are located in various places which covers few districts in its jurisdictions. Generally every ARO has 4-6 Districts under its jurisdiction. ARO organizes open rally to recruit the volunteer male candidates as soldier Tdn. Generally every ARO conducts two rallies in a year. First of all publicity about rallies is been carried out via different methods like, newspaper, employment newspaper and by printed materials. Rally schedule (Bharti programme) is also published before rally.

The same way under UHQ quota, regimental centers organize rally for the dependents of army personnel. Regimental centers also organize recruitment rally twice a year. Dependents and brothers of serving soldier may participate in recruitment process.

Soldier Tradesman

Each unit and Headquarters (HQ) of the Army is self contained in maintaining itself in all respects. It is like a society which is fully self sustaining and not dependent on outside help. Each unit has a strength of 600-1000 personnel who live within a compound and get all support from within that compound/society. Thus each unit has its own langers, stores, living quarters and lines, offices, gardens, vehicles and equipment. There is thus a requirement of a lot of support staff to run various institutes and to maintain the unit area.

  1. Chef. The troops have to be fed. Each unit has its own cook houses. Food has to be provided to troops three times a day apart form other requirements. We thus require qualified, dedicated cooks who have an aptitude for cookery.
  2. Hair Dresser. Being a self sustained society each unit has its own barber shops and barbers who maintain the upkeep of the troops.
  3. Store Hand. Each unit holds lot of stores like rations, clothing, equipment, oils and lubricants etc. These stores have to be maintained in a good condition so that they can be used by troops. We require store handlers who will be able to maintain these stores, account for them and assist in maintaining their service.
  4. Animal Store Holders. Units with mules and dogs have equipment and rations as per their specific requirements. There are  harnesses and clothing for the animals, medicines, rations(hay), etc. These are stored till they are required to be used. The stores are required to be maintained in a serviceable condition. We thus require candidates who will be Store Holders and will assist in maintaining all this equipment and stores for animals in a serviceable condition.
  5. Ferrier. The mules require special care. They have to have their hoofs maintained. Shoes have to be put and maintained. We require candidates who are conversant with this work.
  6. Pioneers. Many a time labour is required to work on certain sites, lift loads, work on certain construction sites etc. The Army cannot hire casual labour for certain sensitive tasks. We thus require labour to do the tasks of handling stores and working on construction sites.
  7. Postal. The Army has its own Post Offices and service to cater for all official correspondence. These Post offices are manned by army personnel. We require candidates to run these Post Offices and receive and despatch ‘dak’.
  8. Steward. Each unit has its own Officers Mess which caters for the food requirements of the officers especially in field areas. We require dedicated staff who can assist in the Mess and serve food to the officers in a hygienic and pleasant manner.
  9. Artisan (wood). The Army needs candidates who have the knowledge and expertise to work as carpenters. Candidates with ITI qualification or traditional knowledge are preferred.
  10. Artisan (Painter). A lot of equipment has to maintained and marked / numbered as per specifications. Candidates with painting skills and expertise are required for the job.
  11. Artisan (Tailor). Each unit has 600-1000 troops. Their uniforms are required to be maintained to high standards. Normal wear and tear has to be repaired. Candidates with traditional skills or ITI training are required for the job.
  12. Artisan (Metallurgy). Candidates with traditional skills or with qualification from ITI are required to work as blacksmiths.
  13. Artisan (Musician). The army units have their Military Bands consisting mainly of Drums, Trumpets and Pipes. Candidates with knowledge of reading music, traditional knowledge or liking for music and /or training in music may apply for the same.
  14. Equipment Repairer. The shoes and equipment of troops have to be maintained in serviceable condition especially in field areas where there is no outside support. Cobblers are required to repair shoes and other canvas/leather equipment. Candidates with traditional skills or training are required for the job.
  15. Kennel Man. The army has its own specialist dogs for guard duties/sniffers and trackers. We require dedicated candidates who love dogs to work as their handlers and look after them.
  16. Washer Man. The uniforms of troops and officers have to be maintained to a high standard. We require candidates with traditional skills and / or training/experience to serve as washermans.
  17. Mess Keeper. Each unit has an Officers Mess. Personnel are required to assist the cook in his daily tasks and to clean the utensils and kitchen everyday. Candidates keen on a ‘Masalchis’ job can apply.
  18. House Keeper. The unit area, lines, toilets, offices, gardens, roads have to be cleaned and maintained everyday. We require dedicated candidates with knowledge and skills for the job

Eligibility Criteria - Army Soldier TDN (Tradesman)

Age 17 ½ – 23 Yrs.

Education Qualification 10th/ITI (except Mess Keeper and House Keeper-who may be 8th pass).

Documents Required

Education Certificate

Domicile Certificate

Caste Certificate

Character Certificate

Ration Card

Voter ID

Chest Minimum 77 cm & 5 cm expansion

Height 170 cm

Selection Procedure

STEP-I : PFT ( Physical Fitness Test) for Army Soldier TDN (Tradesman)

1600 meters running                   

60 Marks

Candidates need to complete 1600 meters running in given time and will be awarded marks  as below:

Running Time & Marks

Ist Group    : 60 marks

IInd Group  : 48 marks

10 Pull Ups (Beem)                       

40 Marks

Candidates need to do 6-10 Pull Ups and will be rewarded marks as below:

 Pull Ups:

10 and above : 40 Marks

9                        : 33 Marks
8                        : 27 Marks
7                         : 21 Marks
6                         : 16 Marks

9 feet Ditch                                   

Candidates need to jump over 9 feet ditch in one attempt and it will be qualifying only.

Zig-Zag walk for Balancing           

Candidates need to clear Zig-Zag walk for Balancing round and it will be qualifying only.

STEP-II : Medical Test : Medical Test standards for Army Soldier TDN (Tradesman)
  • A candidate should have robust physique and good mental health.
  • Chest should be well developed having minimum 5 cm expansion.
  • Should have normal hearing with each ear and good binocular vision in both eyes. He should be able to read 6/6 in distant vision chart with each eye. Colour vision should be CP
  • III ( able to recognize white, signal red and signal green colours correctly as shown by Martin’s Lantern at 1.5 mtrs)
  • Should have sufficient number of natural healthy gum and teeth i.e. minimum 14 dental points.
  • Should not have disease like deformity of bones, hydrocele and varicocle or piles.
  • Soldier (GD) for Infantry will have 6/6 eye sight.
  • HIV Screening during recruitment stage is being considered keeping in mind the angles of human rights & legal aspects.

STEP-III : Trade Test

Trade test of army soldier Tdn (Tradesman) is carried out as per trade candidate opt like Barber, Washer-man, House Keeper, Mess Keeper, Cook etc.

STEP-IV : Written Test Details


This examination is held twice a year as advertised in the Employment News and other leading newspapers.

Questions in these tests will be of Objective -type and Bilingual, i.e., English and Hindi. The candidates will be required to qualify each part separately. Results will be declared on the' same day and the successful candidates have to immediately appear in a Trade Allocation Test.

Final Merit Weightage

Physical Fitness Test = 30%

  Trade Test = 40%

Written Test = 30%

Syllabus for Army Soldier TDN (Tradesman)


Abbreviations – National and International
Sports – National and International.
Awards & Prizes -National awards, Gallantry awards, Nobel Prizes.
History – Important dates & battles in Indian and World, History and land marks of Indian History, national movement.
Geography -Solar System Space exploration, The earth principal peaks, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes and famous waterfalls, Geographical Tallest, Biggest and Longest etc.
Terminology – Geographical terms, Economic terms, Astronomical terms, Legal terms and Misc terms.


Human Body – Food and nutrition, diseases and prevention, vitamins and their uses.
Question of General Science consisting of topic related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
Based on fundamentals and day to day activities.
Medical Terms.
Scientific Terms.
Scientific and Research Institutes in India.
IO/Numeral Ability – The questions will be based on the ability of the candidates of age
group ranging between 16 & 20 years


Arithmetic – Consisting of numbers, HCF, LCM, Decimal fraction, square root, percentage, Average, Ratio  and proportion, partnership, profit  &  loss, unitary  method,  time  work  and  distance, simple interest.
Algebra – Basic operations and factorization, HCF and LCM, quadratic equations.
Geometry – Lines and angles, triangles quadrilaterals, parallelograms and circles Mensuration Area  and  perimeters  of  Squares,  rectangles  parallelograms  and  circles,  volume  and surface area of cube, cuboids, cone, cylinders and sphere.
Note : The above syllabus is not a comprehensive list of topics pertaining to the  subject.    At  times  questions  may  be  asked  other  than  the  above  topics  but definitely within the syllabus of CBSE.

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(D) Written Test Coaching:

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