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Call 9463138669 – ANAND CLASSES : Online IIT JEE coaching is getting popular among the engineering aspirants. ANAND CLASSES” Single Mentor “NEERAJ K ANAND” who share the passion of guiding and mentoring all students who want to make it to the IITs through JEE coaching. It has emerged as the top online IIT coaching institute in India by designing powerful JEE Main and Advanced coaching programs that help students to score top ranks in JEE Main and Advanced exams as well as their Class 12th board exams.

ANAND CLASSES” JEE Online Coaching Program

The JEE mains & advanced classes or IIT Online Classes provide a great opportunity for all those who wish to prepare from the comfort and confines of their home. And, those who are looking for IIT Tuition without any add on pressures of travel and overhead expenses.

Why to opt for “ANAND CLASSES” JEE Online Coaching Program?

The Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) is becoming increasingly competitive. More than 15 lakh students are expected to register for JEE Main Exam. Only a few thousand students will be able to make it to the IITs. For this, JEE online coaching is a must. IIT JEE online coaching has helped many shapes their dream. Students who are interested in IIT JEE online preparation with “ANAND CLASSES” get to have the best Mentor of ex-NITian’ coaching and guiding them through their tough journey. Our Mentor provides expert guidance for JEE Advanced coaching, through JEE coaching classes.

IIT JEE entrance exam coaching through online IIT JEE classes is also the perfect solution to affordable coaching. The aspirants are sure to find IIT JEE coaching fees pretty much on the lower side than what is it for regular coaching sessions. However, the expertise of our Mentor who is ex-NITian is unmatched. He is experts at online tutoring, resolving doubts, and uplifting student morale during and beyond the Online JEE Classes. Students can also chat with the tutors to raise doubts or attend doubt removing sessions beyond the scheduled IIT JEE Classes.

JEE admission process has combined both the tests as the two-step process – JEE Main and JEE Advanced to emerge as one of the largest and toughest entrance exams of the world. JEE online coaching by us makes the syllabus and learning process lucid pertaining to the pattern.

Unique characteristics of “ANAND CLASSES” JEE Main and Advanced Coaching Programs :

  • Live Online Classes make high-quality IIT JEE coaching accessible to all students, irrespective of their location and their study schedule. These Live IIT Tuition Classes are offered by highly qualified and competent ex-NITian who have 25 years of industry and online IIT coaching experience. Live online classes of IIT JEE are our specialty.
  • Flexible and interactive IIT coaching programs offered by “ANAND CLASSES” allow students to plan academics according to their needs and schedule classes according to their convenience, which is usually after school hours.
  • Additional help is offered to students for board exams and other engineering entrance exams, such as BITSAT, KVPY, Olympiads. “ANAND CLASSES” has made a niche in the market for providing the best IIT coaching in India because it takes care of all the aspects of education of their students.
  • In an effort to offer top IIT entrance coaching programs, “ANAND CLASSES” also keep parents in the loop about the performance of their children. Parents Teachers Meetings (PTMs) are organised on a regular basis, where teachers and parents interact with each other and exchange suggestions and feedbacks on how the students can be helped in an optimized manner.
  • One-to-one doubt removal sessions and special classes to help students with their individual problems are also organised from time to time.
  • Now, engineering aspirants do not need to lose sleep over problems they can’t solve. Just tap into the 24X7 Support System and get answers to all your queries.

Choose your own “ANAND CLASSES” IIT JEE coaching program and reap the benefits from JEE Live Online Classes

“ANAND CLASSES” offers many choices for IIT JEE aspirants, such as :

  • Online Classroom Program for One Year (OCP – I) meant for Class 12 students,
  • Online Classroom Program for Two Years (OCP – II) meant for Class 11 & 12 students and
  • Correspondence Course for JEE Main and Advanced.

“ANAND CLASSES” JEE Program Components OCP-I, OCP-II Correspondence Course

Live Classes 300 hours in total, including 300 classroom contact hours

600 hours in total, including 300 classroom contact hours –

Study Material  90 Books – 30 each for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Links of Recorded Classroom Sessions : The links of recorded sessions will be saved in students’ accounts, which they can access whenever they want – even after the course is completed. The links of recorded sessions will be saved in students’ accounts, which they can access whenever they want – even after the course is completed.

Daily Practice Papers (DPPs) : 10000+ Practice Problems (designed to include questions of all variety and difficulty levels) 10000+ Practice Problems (designed to include questions of all variety and difficulty levels) 255 practice papers (designed to include questions of all variety and difficulty levels)

Anand Classes All India Test Series : 25 tests in all, followed by test analysis sessions, a detailed assessment report and All India Rank (AIR) prediction 30 tests in all, followed by test analysis sessions, a detailed assessment report and All India Rank (AIR) prediction.

10 tests in all – 5 part-syllabus tests and 5 full-syllabus tests. For each test, students will receive AIR prediction and a detailed assessment report.

“ANAND CLASSES” not only provides best coaching in India but also allow students to tailor their own programs by subscribing just to the individual components of the program they need – Study Material, All India Test Series (All India Test Series), Video Lectures in Digital Format and/or Daily Practice Papers (DPPs). IIT JEE entrance exam coaching needs these ingredients.

“ANAND CLASSES” has the answer for a variety of entrance exams. Check out the “ANAND CLASSES” Home Page for all the details related to these specialized online courses.

ANAND CLASSES is a professionally managed and organized BEST IIT-JEE Mains Entrance Exam coaching centre in Jalandhar, offering best coaching and preparing the job aspirants for Graduate Students.

ANAND CLASSES is the best coaching center for BEST IIT-JEE Mains Entrance Exam.

Hi-Tech Classrooms

Classrooms at Anand Classes are well equipped with projectors used to project 3-d animation. We combine the traditional blackboard teaching and projectors in an optimal way to maximize the understanding of the subject.

The visual representation of topic aid in better retention and more understanding of the subject and blackboard teaching is a time tested way of teaching which ensures the maximum involvement of a student in the classroom. The unique way in which these two are merged ensures that every second of time spent in the classroom is well utilized.

Lecture Recording

Anand Classes have a dedicated computer laboratory equipped with latest educational software. All the lectures are recorded and uploaded on the systems within 24 hrs and can be viewed as many times as a student wishes. The solutions of worksheets and tests are also uploaded on the systems. This facility helps the student revise the lecture in a short duration of time. Also if due to some reason a student misses a lecture he can view the recorded lecture which otherwise is not possible. The lab plays an important also during revision for tests and exams where many lectures can be viewed in a single day thus saving precious time.

Doubts Session

Apart from regular classes, periodic doubt session are held where student can get their doubt from the study material and otherwise cleared. Personal counseling of each student is done to boost the moral. All the assignments are thoroughly discussed in the class so that every doubt is cleared. Extra classes are also held for the discussion of assignments and tests to ensure that every student knows where he/she commits mistake and can rectify accordingly. 


At Anand Classes Apart from IIT-JEE which a student gives after XII board exams KVPY and Olympiad are two prestigious examinations which a student gives in class XI as well as XII. These exams are generally at an advanced level and require a thorough knowledge of the subject. Special classes are held at the institute for the preparation of these exams. These classes are also very helpful in developing a deep interest in the subject and ultimately in the IIT-JEE exam. Students are notified well in time about the forms, application procedure and dates of the examination 

Practical laboratory

Anand Classes is equipped with a state of art laboratory where students are made to do all the experiments relevant to CBSE as well as IIT-JEE. There is a major portion of practical experiment based questions in the IIT-JEE exam since the last three years. Doing these experience themselves not only clarifies the concept and increase the appreciation of the subject but also prepare the student well for the IIT-JEE. We form a group of ten student each and practical classes are held every week of each group. All the experiments are hence covered by end of the session.

Visual physics

Visual Physics- A revolutionary animation CD for complete +1 and +2 Physics

We at Anand Classes, understand the need for 3-D visual depiction of concepts of physics. So, we went forward and joined hands with a leading animation firm to create for the first time ever, the most sophisticated animation CD covering every concept of +1 and +2. 

Some of the most advanced problems at +1 and +2 level have been completely solved and depicted in 3-D animation form so that a student can really feel what is happening in the given situation. Every enrolled student is given one CD with one year activation key at the time of admission.

Comprehensive study material

We have developed a unique and exhaustive study material for our students. Study packages are given for every chapters which contains all the concepts as well as exercises pertaining to CBSE, JEE MAINS, JEE ADVANCED and OLYMPIADS. Previous years asked questions from IIT-JEE are also included at the end of each chapter so that a student can judge his preparation at the actual IIT-JEE level. Apart from study packages DPP (daily practice problems) sheets are also given to students after every class which is completely discussed in the class itself.


The institute boasts of one of the most vast library having more than 5000 publications in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Some of these books are extremely rare and not available locally. On joining the institute, a student is given a library card and books are issued for a period of two weeks. A student can issue two books at a time. Some of the more expensive and rare books are kept under the reference section which a student can read in the library reading room only and are not to be issued.


Regular Special Classes are held at the institute for the preparation of CBSE exams. These classes are in addition to the regular classes which are held thrice a week. Also regular subjective tests are taken on the pattern of CBSE which ensures that NCERT preparation is complete. 

Call 9463138669, Anand Classes – Best 11th, 12th Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Online Coaching Classes in Jalandhar Punjab.

ANAND CLASSES offers Online Coaching Classes for 11th, 12th Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics in Urban Estate Phase-II JalandharANAND CLASSES is the prevalent establishment in the Jalandhar for Online 11th, 12th Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Coaching preparation. It is surely famous for its selective class management classes and productive Best Online 11th, 12th Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Exam Coaching institute in Jalandhar.  The faculty at ANAND CLASSES is highly qualified and vastly experienced in successfully coaching students for 11th, 12th Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics CBSE Exam.

After passing Class X Boards exams, it is time to take decision as to which stream you want to follow. Combinations of subjects can be chosen likewise. Students, who are interested in Non-Medical subjects, usually have a flair for engineering and similar subjects. If you are based in Jalandhar and looking to make a good career in engineering or other non-medical subjects, it is recommended to choose the Anand Classes - Best online coaching institute for 11th, 12th Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Exam in Jalandhar.

ANAND CLASSES is known as leading institute for preparation of 11th, 12th Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics[spaces:0] online Coaching Classes in Jalandhar. We at ANAND CLASSES provide online coaching for 11th, 12th Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Exams from the past 25 years. The 11th, 12th Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics Exam online Coaching Center in Jalandhar, Punjab.