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Call 9463138669|CDSE Exam Coaching Center In Jalandhar|ANAND CLASSES

Call 9463138669|CDSE Exam Coaching Center In Jalandhar|ANAND CLASSES

Call 9463138669|CDSE Exam Coaching Center In Jalandhar|ANAND CLASSES


ANAND CLASSES offers CDS Exam Coaching in JalandharANAND CLASSES is the prevalent establishment in the Jalandhar for CDS Exam. It is surely famous for its selective class management classes and productive Best CDS Exam coaching institute in Jalandhar.

The faculty at ANAND CLASSES – ARMED FORCE ACADEMY is highly qualified and vastly experienced in successfully coaching students for CDS Exam.

ANAND CLASSES is known as leading institute for preparation of CDS Exam Coaching in Jalandhar. We at ANAND CLASSES provide coaching for CDS Exam from the past 15 years. The CDS Exam Coaching Center in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Fresh batches for CDS Exam are going to start. ANAND CLASSES Coaching Institute is the only well known coaching institute in Jalandhar that provides coaching for CDS Exam. At ANAND CLASSES Coaching Institute, we constantly strive to improve our teaching methodology, study material and classroom assignments. The Course Methodology is dynamic as it takes into account the changes that we notice in the pattern of the examination.

ANAND CLASSES is a professionally managed and organized CDS Exam coaching centre in Jalandhar, offering best coaching and preparing the job aspirants for Indian Army Officer.

ANAND CLASSES is the best coaching center for Indian Army Exams.

Not only do ANAND CLASSES cover the entire syllabus subject by subject as per UPSC, we also prepare our students with mock tests, previous year question papers and doubt clearing sessions which are conducted each week to monitor each student’s progress.

Mock test/ weekly test results are also discussed to pin point where the student may be lacking. This ensures that the students know what to expect in the examination, how to approach the examination, manage time efficiently and get the best possible results. Experienced and updated faculty teaches students how to handle the CDS/OTA examination specifically; they focus on the format and type of questions likely to be asked in the exam. Students can learn many formulae and shortcuts to get quick and accurate answers while attempting the examination. Apart from this, we provide extensively researched study material which helps students to easily access, organise and systematically approach the vast syllabus.

  1. ANAND CLASSES – ARMED FORCE ACADEMY is India’s Oldest and Largest Armed forces Preparatory Institute: Established in 1996 by Er. Neeraj Anand.
  2. Every second officer in the Indian Armed forces has been a student of ANAND CLASSES – ARMED FORCE ACADEMY.
  3. Infrastructure: ANAND CLASSES campus is tieup with topmost institutions like BSF, PAP, Guru Gobind Singh Stadium provides unmatched infrastructure, SSB like environment. Our classrooms for written coaching are well supported by modern Audio Visual technological aids.
  4. Faculty: The highly qualified, experienced and updated faculty for CDS/OTA written coaching provides students with the right guidance to get best results in the exam. Students are coached by permanent faculty members not part-time teachers (working on per class basis) as in many other institutes.
  5. Fully equipped library: Only ANAND CLASSES offers the facility of a fully equipped library offering 1000+ relevant and important books pertaining to the syllabus of the examination and competitive exam preparation. Students can issue these books for self study, revision, practice etc.
  6. Study Room/ Reading Room: On campus study/ reading rooms are available to provide students with quiet and peaceful environment, perfect for self study and preparations. These rooms are open daily till late hours.
  7. Motivational lectures and movies: ANAND CLASSES specializes in motivating the youth towards serving our great nation. Students interact with candidates from all over the country working towards a common goal. Motivational lectures and movies shown, leave the students inspired to do something for the country and become better human beings.
  8. Discipline & Time Management: ANAND CLASSES is a Defence preparatory institute with strict rules that all students must abide by. All students are expected to follow the Honour Code and Discipline Code of Conduct of ANAND CLASSES, failing which they may be expelled without refunds. These guidelines enforced by the academy inculcate good values and discipline in the students. Students also learn the importance and benefits of proper time management. Sundays and other holidays are not observed to maintain continuity and to ensure students can focus on upcoming exam without distractions.
  9. Physical Fitness: Only ANAND CLASSES offers a fully equipped Football ground, Basketball court, Volley ball court, Cricket field and badminton court along with dedicated Obstacle course and vast open grounds to encourage physical fitness among candidates as endurance and stamina are a pre-requisite for SSB which is the next step after the exam.
  10. Only ANAND CLASSES runs Year Round Batches for CDSE written exam unlike other institutes that only open for the few month before the examination
  11. Exam specific coaching: Since exam patters vary for each examination, ANAND CLASSES offers exam specific coaching for NDA, CDS, AFCAT etc.

The detailed 4-months and comprehensive 6 week course covers all aspects and entire syllabus of the examination. Admission takes place on arrival.


The duration of each term is 6 Weeks. Six week course includes

  1. Exhaustive Classroom preparation: With 180+ classroom sessions and 500+ study hours covering all aspects and entire syllabus of the examination as prescribed by the UPSC.
  2. Comprehensive Study Material: With 15+ books covering the various subjects, Question banks and practice sets of each subject, ready reference notes for important topics, all extensively researched and prepared after analysis of previous years’ exam patterns.
  3. Revision and Doubt clearing: 120+ worksheets and practice sets help students’ asses their own progress. Previous years question papers are also covered. Doubt clearing sessions are held to answer all queries of students.
  4. Testing: Weekly practice tests of each subject to prepare students for upcoming competition and provide them with vital self assessment tools. Mock tests are also held to prepare the student for CDS/OTA exam.
  5. Extensive coverage of current affairs: Special weekly updates on defence related news, and latest developments, events and people in news. General Knowledge is taken up thoroughly.
  6. Subjects covered: in the CDS/OTA written exam coaching include English, General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Biodiversity etc.

In today’s competitive exams like CDS/OTA, COACHING IS A MUST REQUIRED BECAUSE:

  1. 3,00,000+ students sit for this exam and the number is increasing year by year. Hence making the exam more and more competitive and one mark difference could mean selection or rejection of the candidate. There are anywhere between 300- 400 seats, so students who are dedicated and serious, must get the edge above others for which coaching is a must.
  2. Students can take advantage of the vast experience of subject and examination expert faculty.
  3. Examination specific and comprehensive study material of notes, practice sets, assignments and worksheets provides the right material for preparation.
  4. Any concept doubts can be cleared right away, thus students can build strong fundamentals.
  5. Regular mock tests ensure students are mentally prepared for exam day and know exactly how to approach the exam and what to expect.
  6. Students are able to discipline themselves, develop good concentration and form a study habit, which is not easy to do with self study.


Admission Fee- Rs 500

CDS/OTA Tuition fee 6 week comprehensive course- Rs 15000/


Admission Fee- Rs 500

CDS/OTA Tuition fee 4 MONTH comprehensive course- Rs 30000/


Admission Fee- Rs 500

CDS/OTA Tuition fee 6 month comprehensive course- Rs 45000/

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